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Bespoke and Customised E-learning Solutions

Choosing e-learning is a bit like buying a suit.

We all know that you can pick up a lovely suit straight off the rack, and it works for most people in most situations, but sometimes you need something a little more ‘fancy’. Sometimes, like a suit, e-learning needs just a little taking-in or turning-up.

You can find our off-the-shelf e-learning courses in the Our Courses pages. But, for those times when off-the-shelf just won’t do, you may wish to consider…

Tailoring off-the-shelf courses - customised content

All clients’ needs are different. Many of our e-learning customers ask us to customise our existing courses to create a perfectly tailored course that meets their needs.

Typically this option will see a client:

  • use our existing compliance courses, but update the content to include their logos and branding
  • customise our Learning Management System (LMS) to include their logo, meaning that their learners know they are in the right place to take their training

However, even with a tailored course there are times that a quick nip and tuck isn’t what the customer wants, and they’d like to see a little more customisation. When this is the case we can:

  • completely rework one of our compliance courses to meet specific requirements, we may add;
    • customised imagery
    • illustrations
    • video footage to our existing courses

If a customised version of our off-the-shelf e-learning still won't meet your business objectives it may be time to consider...

Made to measure

The ultimate in e-learning courses. We work with our clients to provide a completely bespoke e-learning solution.

When our customers choose this option, we will work with them every step of the way, from initial concept meetings through to storyboarding, agreeing learning outcomes, creating content, programming the course and finally rolling out the course to your learners.

We've won awards for our bespoke e-learning courses, learn more about our Learning Technologies Gold Award winning work with M&S

Have your own online shop / e-commerce?

How do web services work?

We issue resellers with API authentication - this enables resellers to make one system communicate with another via web services.

What would API do?

The API once set up will provide the resller with functionality to provide courses to their customers. Learners can then be managed via the Highfield LMS and resellers will be billed for usage at a pre-set rate on a monthly basis.

What does it cost?

An information support pack for setting up API is currently free from Highfield.  Licence packages including complementary branding start at £1,000+VAT.

What does it look like?

We have branding options available - the LMS could show your company logo and theme and a personalised login portal. We can also add your logo to the certificates and an enrolment email. Licence packages including complementary branding start at £1,000+VAT. 

Want your own online shop / e-commerce system?

What is an e-commerce set up?

If you have an existing website but no e-commerce functionality, Highfield can provide a link (this can be embedded in to an iFrame within your website if desired) to the Highfield e-commerce landing page with custom price breaks available to you.

How does it work?

Highfield take payment from the customer when they order via the partially branded landing page and return the fee, minus Highfield’s pre-agreed licence cost, to you.

What does it cost?

The cost of development for this option is £1,500+VAT including bespoke LMS branding. We can have this available for you in a short 7-10day time frame. The development required on your website is minimal.

How a typical project works

Initial meeting - We will discuss your requirements and create a list of objectives for the project. We approach the project from the perspective of the business; what is the problem that needs to be solved; what are staff members doing incorrectly; what gaps in knowledge lead to these problems.

Proposal - Using the information obtained from the initial meeting we will create a detailed proposal. This will cover all of your objectives and how we plan to achieve each of them.

The proposal will include:

  • an overview of your objectives
  • your e-learning solution
  • how your course will be constructed
  • project timelines
  • a detailed costing.

Secondary meeting - We will discuss the completion of the project and make any tweaks to the proposal that are required. We will commonly bring the subject matter expert to this meeting, unless you have your own, and will obtain all of the information that we need from you to achieve the goals of the project. We will schedule in any review meetings and regular update calls as necessary.

The project - Throughout the project we will keep in regular contact. Your project manager will always be a phone call or email away. Typically we will schedule regular catch-up to calls so that we can keep you up to date with the development process. Depending on the size of the project, there will be one or more review sessions during which your project manager will talk you through the project. This gives the opportunity for both parties to discuss their feedback and ideas to ensure that the end product meets or exceeds expectations.

Using your own Learning Management System?

What is SCORM?

For courses to sit on your own Learner Management System, we would provide a SCORM package.

The SCORM package is a zip file which contains all of the fields needed to run the e-learning, which is then installed onto your system.

How does it work?

The SCORM package is completely bespoke and we would provide a quote per course based on the number of learners who will be taking the course per annum and payment for using the SCORM is yearly. 

How many licences do I need to purchase?

A minimum licence commitment of 500 licences per annum generally applies.

What’s included?

General minor support on configuration will be provided as part of the quote however, if your e-learning system was to prove unsuitable, a charge may be put in place to cover any additional support installing the programme. We would also include branding of the course (logo & colour scheme) to give the course a corporate feel.

Highfield will require yearly access to verify how many learners have used the course. Within the contract there will be a system compatibility and acceptance process which includes a maximum of 3 days’ development work completed off site by our development team to ensure seamless implementation.

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