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Nestle case study

The client

Nestlé Professional is an international organisation that provides vended beverage solutions to the out of home market.  With an office in every major territory, Nestlé offers products under a huge range of brands, including Nescafé, Nescafé Milano, Nestea, Nesquick and Milo.

The requirement

Nestlé had a unique problem.  As a quality focused organisation it needed to ensure that beverages across the globe all had the same taste, quality and level of safety.  However, more than 80% of its end product is made up of a substance they cannot control – water.

Water quality and safety varies significantly across the world and even across individual cities.  Nestlé needed a way to level the playing field when installing their machines in a customer’s facility.

Our solution

Highfield produced the Water Management Tool.  This easy-to-use system asks a number of questions on water quality and safety.  At the end of the process the system recommends a combination of water filters which, when fitted, would ensure that the quality and safety of the water is consistent. 

This system has dramatically reduced the amount of time required to ascertain the correct combination of filters.  Following its launch, the system was adapted to show recommendations from a number of suppliers.  This additional functionality gave Nestlé the power to manage costs without making any compromises on safety or quality.

Customer testimonial

‘We appreciate working together with you as a team, with alignment, discipline, consent and good communication to be able to ensure efficiency, target and result-orientated work in high quality. This only works in A GOOD TEAM!’

Ulrike Fuchs – Nestle Professional Beverage Centre

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