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Marks & Spencer case study

The client

M&S are one of the world’s premier retailers. With stores worldwide, M&S has built an enviable reputation within the industry.

The requirement

The Trading Safely and Legally Team is responsible for ensuring that the business operates in a safe manner and in line with all relevant legislation. It is responsible for a significant portion of the company’s training commitment.

One of these needs was addressed by the introduction of fire, health and safety officers (FHSOs). These staff follow a rigorous training programme to ensure they are able to perform risk assessments within stores and ensure that stores operate safely. FHSOs receive an initial training session and additional CPD/refresher training. This requirement was to address the annual refresher training requirement.

Our solution

This requirement posed a number of initial challenges. The refresher course was required to be completed in stages, however data could not be stored on M&S’s machines or on its network. It was also not permitted to access an external learning management system for the storage of data.

Highfield e-learning produced an innovative token-based system that allowed staff to complete short sections of e-learning, while working within the strict security environment. This solution allowed M&S to quickly retrain all required staff and offered a significant saving over a classroom-based refresher programme.

Following the introduction of a corporate learning management system, Highfield’s flexible approach to development has allowed us to easily adapt the course for online delivery, as well as producing variations of the course for use in other jurisdictions.

Customer testimonial

‘Thank you for delivering such an excellent e-learning solution for FHS. We are now up to 70% completion and on the way to meeting our 100% target for April.’

Mark Lewis, M&S Trading Safety and Legally

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