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National Trust case study

The Background

The National Trust is a conservation organisation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with over 4 million members. It has hundreds of sites around the UK and not only employs a significant-sized workforce, but also works with thousands of volunteers. It is extremely important that all those individuals working for and with the National Trust have received suitable training to carry out their work in a safe and compliant manner. For this reason, the National Trust decided to introduce an e-learning course for staff across all its sites, covering the subject of food safety.

The National Trust was using another e-learning company to provide their e-learning courses. While this company had decades of experience in providing training solutions in the area of food safety, it was unable to resolve a number of technical issues that the National Trust had when it came to integrating the delivery of the e-learning courses across its sites.

Luckily a partner organisation recommended Highfield e-learning to the National Trust, based on the fact they had faced a similar technical predicament with an existing supplier (which Highfield had been able to effectively resolve while also providing high-quality course content). The National Trust therefore got in touch with Highfield e-learning.

The Solution

At Highfield we always ensure our teams work as closely as possible with customers’ technical teams. When dealing with technology integration, teething problems can be common and we always ensure we overcome such issues using the technical expertise of our development teams. Following several discussions with the National Trust’s technical team, the difficulties that were being experienced were quickly and decisively resolved, allowing the food safety e-learning course to be effectively delivered across all of the National Trust’s sites via our unique and innovative Learning Management System (LMS).

The Results

Following on from its successful implementation, it is estimated that approximately 800 employees per annum will take the food safety e-learning course.

Feedback from employees who have taken the course is very positive, meaning the National Trust is extremely satisfied with the final product. Additionally, the learning technologies manager has stated that the Highfield team was ‘superb’ in supporting the set-up of the platform and he would ‘definitely’ recommend us to other organisations. 

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