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What is the LMS?

An LMS is a tool for the administration and delivery of learning content. It is the system that your learners will log in to in order to access their courses and that your managers will use to set up learners and report on their progress. The Highfield LMS has been created with the needs of a business in mind; it reduces the time and effort required to administer training and features detailed reports on training progress.

We have worked in partnership with many businesses and organisations and have gained a unique understand of the challenges they face when delivering training to a workforce. To overcome this, the Highfield LMS incorporates a tiered structure to allow you to replicate your organisational structure:

  • Company - the company as a whole
  • Division - the split of the company into areas, for example, London
  • Site - a specific site, for example, Oxford Street Branch
  • User - the individual who will undertake the training

Each level of hierarchy has one or more administrators assigned who can control the distribution of licenses for courses to all levels below them. The administrators can also access reporting data where they can determine the progress of their employees at a glance.

The system is very flexible and the use of tiers allows you to model your company profile. We have users ranging from single users right the way to multinationals and government organisations with tens of thousands of learners.

The LMS can be themed and styled at any of these levels allowing a corporate image to flow through your training.

Diagram of company structure

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