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Food Safety

allergens elearning course

Having the right information about allergens is crucial. This Allergy UK accredited online training covers the information all food handlers must know to serve safe food.

As of 6 April 2022 the law requires businesses with 250 or more employees to provide calorie information. 

This is for food and drink that is prepared for immediate consumption, on or off their premises. Sign yourself and your employees on to this FREE COURSE... + details

Level 1 food safety e-learning course

A great introduction to food safety and hygiene, this self-paced online course is CPD accredited. Find out more. 

Level 2 food safety e-learning course

CPD accredited food safety training written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger this e-learning course meets all mandatory training requirements.

Food safety in manufacturing level 2 e-learning course

Designed for people working in a food manufacturing role this course, written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger, meets all legal and mandatory training requirements.

Level 3 food safety e-learning course

Designed for supervisors and managers working in a food business, this online course fulfills all mandatory training requirements and is CPD accredited.

HACCP Catering E-Slides

This course has been developed for caterers to gain a better understanding of how HACCP can be simply applied to the catering environment. It is also ideal for those learners who wish to go on to achieve a level 3 HACCP catering qualification.

haccp manufacturing

This course has been developed for manufacturers to gain a better understanding of how HACCP can be simply applied to the manufacturing environment. It is also ideal for those learners who wish to go on to achieve a level 3 HACCP manufacturing qualification.

Health & Safety

Manual handling e-learning course

Put your back into it! Bad advice is everywhere. Learn the keys to safe manual handling with this online training course. Buy today.

Level 1 health and safety e-learning course

Ideal for those new to the workplace this online health and safety course introduces basic health and safety concepts in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

Asbestos Awareness Online Training Course

This Asbestos Awareness course exclusively covers Category A training and is designed to ensure that anyone who may come into contact with asbestos knows what asbestos is, where it can be found, the dangers of asbestos and how to protect themselves from accidental exposure.

Introduction to Working at Height title infographic

Falls from a height are among the most common workplace accidents to occur across multiple sectors and are one of the most frequent causes of accidental death and major injuries.

This online training course is the ideal introduction to this subject area; packed with current information... + details

Health and Safety within a Construction Environment title infographic

Experience the interactivity of our new multi-device and mobile-ready Level 1 Health and Safety within a Construction Environment e-learning course.  

To achieve the Level 1 Award in Health and Safety within a Construction Environment (RQF) qualification (required to obtain a CSCS... + details

Health and safety level 2 e-learning course

An ideal introduction to health and safety for anyone working in a low or medium risk environment. This fun and interactive online course can also be used to provide the knowledge required to go on to achieve a level 2 qualification.

Level 3 health and safety e-learning course

An online health and safety course that covers the advanced principles of workplace health and safety and is ideal for those in supervisory or management positions.

Level 3 health and safety e-learning course

An online health and safety course that covers the advanced principles of workplace health and safety. The course is ideal for those who work in any health care environment, in a supervisory or management position.

First Aid

First aid at work e-learning course

Written by experienced first-aid trainers this online first aid at work course is flexible, accessible and can be completed in 4 to 5 hours. It can be used as part of a blended-learning approach and can replace 1 day of the 3 day first aid at work qualification.

Emergency first aid at work e-learning course

Written by experienced first-aid trainers this interactive online first-aid training course can be used to reinforce competency, refresher training or as part of a blended-learning approach for the one-day emergency first aid at work qualification and can be completed in 2 hours.

A first-aider must have an appropriate first-aid qualification and the qualification must be appropriate to the ages of the children in their care.

Fire Safety

Highfield's principles of the role of a fire marshal level 2 course

Understand and mitigate against the risk of fire in the workplace with this interactive online training course that can be completed in just 2 to 3 hours. It is ideal training for fire marshals.


scottish alcohol training

Scottish Training for Alcohol Retailers and Servers - ideal for those who need to acquire the 2-hour mandatory training for alcohol regulations in Scotland.

Please note that manager sign-in is required to open this course.

The manager will need to provide the licence holder name, licence number, and the name of the issuing licensing board.

This is a requirement of the training provision under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

Challenge - Responsible Sales in Hospitality and Retail

Experience the interactivity of our new multi-device, mobile ready e-learning course, Challenge - Responsible Sales in Hospitality and Retail.  

You'll get an insight into the types of products that are covered by age restrictions, the legal requirements placed on individuals selling age-restricted products and guidance on operating within the law when selling age-restricted products.

Welfare and vulnerability engagement course product thumbnail

The Welfare and Vulnerability Engagement (WAVE) course is designed to equip individuals in customer-facing roles with an awareness of vulnerability and their responsibilities towards customers. 

Highfield online training information and data security course

Our Information and Data Security course is designed to provide you with insight into information security, your role in protecting information and data, ISO 27001 and its impact on you, as well as the policies and practical steps you can take to secure information.

Personal licence holders e-learning course

An interactive, fun and engaging approach to personal licence holder training this online course covers the syllabus of the level 2 award for personal licence holders (APLH).

To achieve the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders qualification (required to obtain a Personal Licence), you must sit an exam with a recognised training provider following completion of the e-learning.

Scottish Personal Licence Holder E-learning Course

An innovative online training course for Scottish Personal Licence Holders that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Customer Service

Customer service e-learning course

Packed with engaging and interactive content this online customer service training will equip anyone working in a customer-facing role with the knowledge to deliver excellent customer care.

Health & Social Care

Care Certificate E-learning endorsed by Skills for Care

Interactive and engaging, Highfield’s Care Certificate e-learning is designed to help you achieve the knowledge requirements of all 15 standards.

Spectator & Stewarding

Spectator safety e-learning course

This online spectator safety course provides learners with the knowledge to go on to achieve the level 2 award in understanding stewarding at spectator events qualification and safely work at spectator events.

Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events E-learning Course

An online course packed with interactive content, the Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events e-learning underpins the knowledge of the level 2 award in understanding stewarding at spectator events qualification.

Warehousing and Storage

This online warehousing and storage course is designed to deliver the knowledge requirement of the level 2 certificate in warehousing and storage and covers topics that ensure safe working in a warehouse environment.

Short Courses

This course is designed to help you and your business understand how to prevent and control infection and why it is important to do so.

Anaphylaxis and auto-injector e-learning short course

Understand the risks of a severe allergic reaction and how to administer adrenaline through an autoinjector. This online Short Course is designed to be completed in under 30 minutes and has the potential to save a life.

With so many people in the workforce now embracing home working, employers must consider the challenges of supporting their home working staff to continue to work safely, just as they would with any employee.

Equally, home workers must take care with their own health and safety. If you’re... + details

Awareness of Lone working product title page

Lone working is a term that applies to anybody who is working alone, with no supervision, for any length of time. This can range from roles such as a gas engineer visiting a domestic property to a warehouse operative retrieving goods from racking.

If an employee is working in a separate... + details

Communication e-learning short course

Is everyone on the same page? Effective communication is integral to a positive company culture and business success. Ensure everyone in your organisation understands the importance of good communication with this online Short Course.

Display screen equipment e-learning short course

Are you sitting comfortably? From postural issues to eye strain, the regular use of display screen equipment can cause many issues. Learn the steps to make the use of DSE as comfortable as possible with this 30-minute online Short Course.

Equality and diversity e-learning training

What is meant by equality and diversity? Find the answer to that, and more, in just 30 minutes with this Short Course that can be completed online.

GDPR Training e-learning course

Unravel the complexities of the GDPR and help ensure your organisation avoids fines, penalties and reputational damage through understanding the principles of the GDPR. This online training course can be completed in just 30 minutes. 

Introduction to Fire Safety in the Workplace E-learning Course

Understand the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of fire and protect people from harm with this online introduction to fire safety course. Investing just 30 minutes of your time in this course now could help save lives in the future.

Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention E-learning Course

Fraud costs UK business up to £190 billion every year. Investing in prevention is cheaper than the consequences of being a victim of fraud. Learn the basics of fraud prevention with this online Short Course. 

Introduction to the Bribery Act E-learning Course

Covering the key topics of the Bribery Act 2010, this interactive online training will help equip your business with the tools to detect, avoid and report bribery and other corruption.

Introduction to the prevention of money laundering e-learning course

Money laundering is estimated to cost UK businesses £90 billion per year. If you handle company finances, this anti-money laundering e-learning is essential. And takes just 30 minutes.

Managing conflict e-learning short course

Nobody likes conflict, but from time to time it happens. Equip your staff with the skills and confidence to effectively manage conflict situations. The course can be completed online in just 30 minutes.

Safeguarding Children - Online Traning

Child protection and safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. This online course outlines roles, responsibilities and rights when it comes to safeguarding children. 

Self-awareness and personal development e-learning short course

Understanding your emotions, strengths and weaknesses and creating a personal action plan can help you flourish. Complete this Short Course, and find a new confidence and awareness in just 30 minutes.

Stress management e-learning short course

Do you know the difference between positive and negative stress? Understand what stress is, the common stressors and causes, and the various strategies to manage work-related stress through this 30-minute online course.

Team Working E-learning Short Course

Teamwork makes the dream work! Working as a team, building relationships and effective communication are vital skills. This 30-minute, online Short Course is designed to equip your staff with the skills to ensure effective teamwork.

Mental health plays a huge role in the physical wellbeing of individuals. By raising awareness of mental health and continuing to reduce the stigma surrounding mental ill health, we become better equipped to identify how best to support those who may be struggling and help increase their quality... + details

Awareness of modern slavery cover image

Modern slavery is a global problem where victims are exploited and mistreated for personal gain.

The rights of the victims are actively ignored, and in many cases, the vulnerabilities of the victims are used to continue the abuse and exploitation. 

The offenders themselves can... + details

Environmental Awareness Online Training

Reduce pollution, go green & help protect the environment
Learn more about the steps we should be taking to minimise our impact on the environment. 

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