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Improve workplace health and safety

With our online level 2 health and safety course

health and safety level 2 elearning
hsl2 online course
hsl2 online elearning course

An ideal introduction to health and safety for anyone working in a low or medium risk environment. This fun and interactive online course can also be used to provide the knowledge required to go on to achieve a level 2 qualification.

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Protect your workforce and customers with injury prevention

Health and safety is not just a concern, it’s a legal requirement. Give your employees the knowledge to protect themselves and others from potentially fatal accidents.


  •   Slips, trips and falls

    Learn how to deal with accidents in the workplace and prevent future cases

  •   Legal responsibilities

    Understand your organisations legal health and safety responsibilities

  •   Risk assessment

    Effectively plan and conduct risk assessments to improve workplace health and safety

  •   Hazardous substances (COSHH)

    Know how to handle and control different hazardous substances to reduce accidents

  •   Workplace health, safety and welfare

    Implement essential workplace health and safety protocols to improve employee welfare

  •   Work equipment

    Plan work equipment training and highlight repercussions of improper use

  •   Fire

    Ensure you and your staff know what to do in the event of a fire and how to remain safe

  •   First aid

    Learn how to react to accidents and how to administer  first aid that can save lives

  •   Manual handling

    Get to grips with the right ways to lift and move items to avoid potentially serious injuries


The perfect course for improving the welfare of all employees at work

The ideal course for...

Extend your knowledge...

all employees 

who need to be made aware of dangers within the workplace

new starters

familiarise your new starters with health and safety procedure

improve Manual handling 

to prevent injury by taking our Level 2 Manual Handling course

supervisors and managers

should be equipped with our level 3 course knowledge


This course is ideal for those who work in any professional environment. This may include offices, warehousing, construction, logistics, retail, restaurants, facilities management and many more.

We also offer the Level 2 Health and Safety Modules separately so you can choose specific learning areas


A learning experience that will be remembered


health and safety level online course

  •   Interactive exercises

    Keep your learners and employees engaged with interactive exercises

  •   Written by experts

    Content created by our industry and subject matter experts

  •   Compelling imagery

    Visual references to help learners understand the information

  •   Simple to follow

    Course delivered in bite sized chunks to suit all learners

  •   Quizzes / assessments

    Knowledge checks throughout enable learners to stay on track

  •   Additional resources

    Downloadable PDF of the Highfield Health and Safety Level 2 Handbook


Convenient and accredited

online level 2 health and safety course

Get the knowledge you need without losing productivity.

  •   Accredited

    CPD and Highfield accredited with instant access to a PDF certificate

  •   Self paced

    Learn at your own pace anytime using our online platform

  •   2-4 Hours

    Get up to speed in just a few hours (average completion time)

  •   Accessible

    Available on a wide range of devices, includes audio, video and transcripts

 Our courses are compatible with most popular desktops and tablets
* Mobile phones are not recommended


Upskill and qualify your workforce

Employers can benefit from staff retention and investing in their workforce, improving the confidence and skills of their staff.

health and safety level 2 elearning course

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    Our innovative remote invigilation solution enables your learners to sit exams from the comfort of their own home or isolated workspace.

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    Meet the mandatory training requirements for a recognised qualification. Learn, be assessed, qualify and receive an e-certificate in 24 hours.
    You must sit an exam with a recognised training provider.


View Health and Safety Level 2 Qualification


Loved by our learners: 
I very much enjoyed that the information is presented in an easy to understand and interactive way so as to make the experience as efficient as possible.

Purchasing licences

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QTY1 to 910 to 1920 to 4950 to 99100+

All fees provided are per licence and exclusive of VAT.

Course licences can be purchased online or over the phone by calling us on 01302 363277.


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