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Why choose a Highfield food safety course?

Online food safety courses that meet all legal training requirements, accredited by the UK’s leading provider of regulated food safety qualifications.

Highfield e-learning offer online food safety/hygiene training courses that are accredited by the UK’s leading provider of regulated food safety qualifications.

Each of our food safety courses has been written by one of the world’s leading experts, and writer of the UK’s best-selling food hygiene books, Richard Sprenger.

What level of training do I need?

Food businesses in the UK are required by legislation to ensure that their staff are trained ‘commensurate to their work activities’.

The level of training required is based upon the activities and responsibilities of each employee. A rule of thumb guide is provided below:

Level 1 Food Safety – suitable for food handlers who are not directly involved in the handling of high-risk foods.

They may be involved in ancillary activities like cleaning or serving food, the preparation of low-risk foods or only handling pre-packaged or wrapped food.

It is also ideal for induction training and anyone looking for an introduction to safe food hygiene practices.

Level 2 Food Safety – Formerly known as the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, Level 2 Food Safety training is the appropriate level for food handlers, such as caterers involved in the preparation and production of high-risk food.  

Level 3 Food Safety – This level of training is appropriate for supervisors and managers who have responsibility for other food handlers within the business.

Once you have completed the appropriate online food safety training course and you can apply the knowledge gained when working as a food handler, you should have met the standard of training required by the law.

How often do I need to be trained?

While food safety certificates do not expire, food handlers are expected to maintain a high level of food safety knowledge and stay up to date.

Food businesses should provide ongoing training.

Training may include research projects, on the job training and attending continuing professional development sessions such as seminars, webinars and conferences.

However, if you do not do these things it will be easy to forget what you have learnt.

If you do not implement good food safety practices, you will not be complying with the law – even though you have a certificate.

For this reason, it is widely recognised that for most food handlers, refresher training should be carried out every three years.

However, some food handlers would benefit from, and some businesses internally mandate annual refresher training.

Our online courses offer a flexible solution that can be used as induction, awareness, foundation or refresher training.

Will I get a food hygiene certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. You will receive a certificate that recognises your achievement on the same day you complete an online food safety training course with Highfield.  

When you successfully complete the Food Safety Level 2 course you will receive a certificate that is the equivalent of the old Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.  

The certificates can be used to evidence that you are trained to the appropriate level.

Highfield e-learning certificates are accepted by local authorities and environmental health officers as evidence of suitable training.

Food Safety

allergens elearning course

Having the right information about allergens is crucial. This Allergy UK accredited online training covers the information all food handlers must know to serve safe food.

As of 6 April 2022 the law requires businesses with 250 or more employees to provide calorie information. 

This is for food and drink that is prepared for immediate consumption, on or off their premises. Sign yourself and your employees on to this FREE COURSE... + details

Level 1 food safety e-learning course

A great introduction to food safety and hygiene, this self-paced online course is CPD accredited. Find out more. 

Food safety in manufacturing level 2 e-learning course

Designed for people working in a food manufacturing role this course, written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger, meets all legal and mandatory training requirements.

Level 2 food safety e-learning course

CPD accredited food safety training written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger this e-learning course meets all mandatory training requirements.

HACCP Catering E-Slides

This course has been developed for caterers to gain a better understanding of how HACCP can be simply applied to the catering environment. It is also ideal for those learners who wish to go on to achieve a level 3 HACCP catering qualification.

haccp manufacturing

This course has been developed for manufacturers to gain a better understanding of how HACCP can be simply applied to the manufacturing environment. It is also ideal for those learners who wish to go on to achieve a level 3 HACCP manufacturing qualification.

Level 3 food safety e-learning course

Designed for supervisors and managers working in a food business, this online course fulfills all mandatory training requirements and is CPD accredited.

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