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View a learner’s certificate

To view a learner’s certificate, you will need to log in as an administrator. 

Select ‘Learner reports’ from the ‘Learners’ tab in the main menu.  

This page by default displays a list of all the active learners within your administrative scope, and their active courses.  

To locate the learner that you you’re looking for, either search the list of learner reports, or you can use the filter options to filter by the learner’s name, and/or the specific course, and then select ‘Add filters’. You may also filter for learners and/or licences that are expired or archived using this filter. 

If you so wish, you may also filter on the course status, allowing you to view all learners that have completed a particular course for example. 

To view the certificate, select the ‘View certificate’ icon located in the ‘E-Learning’ column. This will open a PDF viewer in another browser tab or window. From here you should be able to print off the certificates or download them to your device.  

When finished, please ensure that you close only the PDF tab and NOT the whole browser window, as this may log you out of the system.

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