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Care Certificate: Individual Standards

All fees provided are exclusive of VAT.

Care Certificate - Understand Your Role
Care Certificate - Your Personal Development
Care Certificate - Duty of Care
Care Certificate - Equality and Diversity
Care Certificate - Working in a Person Centred Way
Care Certificate - Communication
Care Certificate - Privacy and Dignity
Care Certificate - Fluids and Nutrition
Care Certificate - Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
Care Certificate - Safeguarding Adults
Care Certificate - Safeguarding Children
Care Certificate - Basic Life Support
Care Certificate - Health and Safety
Care Certificate - Handling Information
Care Certificate - Infection Prevention and Control

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Please see the full Care Certificate course if you need to complete all of the standards.

The introduction of the Care Certificate replaces the Common Induction Standards (CIS) and National Minimum Training Standards (NMTS). It is the responsibility of employers to deliver the required standards of the Care Certificate determined by the roles their new employees are commencing. These standards should be covered during staff induction.

An interactive and engaging e-learning course is available for each of the 15 standards that comprise the care certificate. The required standards are listed below.

  • understand your role
  • your personal development
  • duty of care
  • equality and diversity
  • work in a person centred way
  • communication
  • privacy and dignity
  • fluids and nutrition
  • awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
  • safeguarding adults
  • safeguarding children
  • basic life support
  • health and safety
  • handling information
  • infection control and prevention

Who should take these courses?

Anyone starting in the health or social care sectors must complete the required standards of the Care Certificate. This includes health care assistants, assistant practitioners, care support workers and anyone supporting clinical roles in the NHS where they have direct contact with patients. It also includes adult social care workers providing direct care in residential and nursing homes and hospices, plus home care workers.

Caring volunteers, porters, cooks, drivers and other employees that have direct contact with patients and service users may also need to undertake some or all of the standards required.

Cost per standard

E-learning registration for each individual standard costs a total of £2.50+VAT

Please see the full Care Certificate course if you need to complete all of the standards.

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Purchasing licences

All fees provided are exclusive of VAT.

Course licences can be purchased online or over the phone by calling us on 0845 226 0350 / 01302 363277.


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