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Food Allergy Aware are proud to partner Highfield e-learning. Please see below a list of available e-learning training courses. 

Once your learners have completed a Highfield e-learning course they may then wish to go on to achieve a Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance qualification. This can be done by sitting a formal examination at a Highfield approved centre. In order to find the nearest Highfield centre where learners can take a qualification/examination (relevant to the e-learning course they have completed), please visit Course Finder Plus, which lists all the qualifications/exams available to learners through Highfield centres. 

Food Allergy Aware

allergens elearning course

Having the right information about allergens is crucial. This Allergy UK accredited online training covers the information all food handlers must know to serve safe food.

Level 1 food safety e-learning course

A great introduction to food safety and hygiene, this self-paced online course is CPD accredited. Find out more. 

Level 2 food safety e-learning course

CPD accredited food safety training written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger this e-learning course meets all mandatory training requirements.

Level 3 food safety e-learning course

Designed for supervisors & managers working in a food business this online course meets all mandatory training requirements and is CPD accredited.

Level 1 health and safety e-learning course

Ideal for those new to the workplace this online health and safety course introduces basic health and safety concepts in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

Health and safety level 2 e-learning course

An ideal introduction to health and safety for anyone working in a low or medium risk environment. This fun and interactive online course can also be used to provide the knowledge required to go on to achieve a level 2 qualification.

Level 3 health and safety e-learning course

An online health and safety course that covers the advanced principles of workplace health and safety and is ideal for those in supervisory or management positions.

Highfield's principles of the role of a fire marshal level 2 course

Understand and mitigate against the risk of fire in the workplace with this interactive online training course that can be completed in just 2 to 3 hours. It is ideal training for fire marshals.

Introduction to Fire Safety in the Workplace E-learning Course

Understand the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of fire and protect people from harm with this online introduction to fire safety course. Investing just 30 minutes of your time in this course now could help save lives in the future.

Managing conflict e-learning short course

Nobody likes conflict, but from time to time it happens. Equip your staff with the skills and confidence to effectively manage conflict situations. The course can be completed online in just 30 minutes.

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